The John R. Hawkins Alma Mater

Dear Hawkins High, we worship thee
And honor thy dear name.
Forever in our hearts you'll be,
We'll love thee e'er the same.

Dear Hawkins High, thy future's bright,
We'll serve with all our might.
Our solemn hopes and prayers shall be
For futures full and free.

Dear Hawkins High, we'll e'er be true
 And love the White and Blue.
Forever we'll adore thy name
And ever spread thy fame.

The John R. Hawkins  Alumni
and Friends, Inc.

Welcome to The John R. Hawkins Center
John R. Hawkins Alumni & Friends, Inc. Mission
  • To use the collective experience and expertise of its members to grow our community,
  • To create opportunities for our youth,
  • To establish systems of organization and infrastructures that will serve to build, maintain, and improve the quality of life for all of the citizens of Warren County, North Carolina.
Standing Committees
"A Legacy of Commitment"
JRHAF Standing Committees 2015- 2016
 (To be determined)

  • Advisory Council, Geraldine B. Nicholson, Chair

Gwendetta H. Tunstall,   & Patsy T. Hargrove

  • Auditing, Thurletta Brown-Gavins, Chair

Walter Debnam, Patsy T. Hargrove, & Junious B. Russell

  • Building and Grounds, Herman Alston, Chair

Robert Alston, Henry Hayes, David Turner, Jimmy Boyd & Roger Waller

  • Bylaws, Roger Waller, Chair

Jessie Boyd, Constance A. Davis, Hermenia F. Salmon & Edith Peters

  • Finance, Bertadean  W. Baker Interium, Chair

Bertadean W. Baker, Milton Cooper, Glannelli T. Evans,

George M. Hood,& Shirley Waller

  • Membership, Geraldine Nicholson, Chair

Wilhelmenia Kearney, Catherine D. Foushee, Margaret Brandt,

Willie B. Flythe, Geraldine Nicholson

  • Nominating,    Richard Ayacue, Chair

  • Projects, Mattie T. Boyd, Chair

Richard P. Ayscue, Helen R. Robinson, Johnnie P. Ward & Tamara N. Staley

  • Scholarships, Barbara R. Rowlett, Chair

Lestine D. Anderson, Magnolia W. Clanton, & Edna P. Rodwell

  • Technology, Sylvia Juanita Fletcher, Chair

John Fields, M. Tracey  Ebron-McCoy, Gwendetta H. Tunstall,

Guinevere P. Davis& Henry Hayes



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