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The John R. Hawkins Alumni and Friends, Inc.


JOHN R. HAWKINS ALUMNI AND FRIENDS is an organization chartered in 1974 by powers of incorporation granted by the State of North Carolina.  It is structured and operates on a national scope.  It is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  We are standing on the same principles that were instilled in us by the great leadership of our longest-standing Principal, the late  Mr. James Estes Byers.

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                 Current  Members

 Alexander, Margaret   1954
Allen, Edith T. 1944
Alston, III, Alexander 1963

Alston,Fred L 1967
Alston, Glenn 1966
Alston, Moses M. 1958
Ayscue, Earl J. (JG)
Ayscue,Jr., Richard P. 1959
Ayscue, Ruby Green   1960

Bass, Carolyn Wilson 1960
Bert, McKinley --
Blackmon, Dorothy M. 1950
Block, Nathan  1960

Brown-Gavins, Thurletta  1967
Brown, Wyonne Pullen 1967
Boyd, Donnie  -
Boyd, Henry L.  1962
Boyd, Jessie K.  1967
Boyd, Mattie  1967

Boyd, Veronica  1966
Bullock, Harold  1963
Bullock, John C. 1963
Bullock, Melvin 1967
Bullock, Viola  1963

Carpenter, Vernessa Wilson 1954
Clark, Shirley A.
Clifford, Jr., William E. 1965
Cooper, Milton G.  1962
Cooper, Pearline J.  1969
Cuffee, Emma M. -

Davis, Audrey S.  -
Davis, Clarence   -
Davis, Constance A.  1959

Fearrington, Geneva 1969
Fletcher, Sylvia Juanita R.  1958
Fuller, Jrl, John F, 1960

Glenn, Lucinda Alston 1960
Green, Geraldine  1968
Goolsby, Evelyn H.  1963

Harper, Anna  L -
Hargrove, Patsy T.  1958
Hayes, Henry C.  1960.

Haywood, Julian 1944
Henderson, Lyman Beecher 1958
Herndon, Sherin W. 1956
Hunt, Thearl  -
Hunt, William 1958

Johnson, Effie Cheek 1960
Johnson, Tyrone 1968
Jones, JoAnn 1966

Kearney, Paul  1967
Kearney, Wilhelmenia Wilson 1952
Kearney,Gene E. 1954

Lewis, Nyoka G. 1961

McKinney, Bonnie Spruil 1965

Owens, Florence B.  1967

Peters, Edith Wilson-  1965
Pitchford, Clifton  1966
Pitchford, Dorothy M. Townes  -
Pressley, Annie M. Pitchford 1964
Pygtt, Iris -

Ransom,Jr,  Robert E -1951
Revers, Barbara 1960
Robinson, Emily Russell 1963
Rowlett, Barbara  1968

Strange, Mildred 1965
Spruill, James 1959
Skipwith, Mary A.1960S

Tunstall, Richard C   1971
Turner, Mary 1960

Vaughan, Robert E. 1960
Vick, Geneva Kelly 1962

Waldon, Betty H. 1947
Waller, Roger 1960
Waller, Shirley 1960

Wilson, Robert H.
Williams, Cora D. 1944

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Donate  to our Scholarship Fund.